STANDOUT agencies define their target market and dominate it

STANDSTILL agencies work with anybody
STANDOUT agencies target somebody

STANDSTILL ignore a fundamental principle of marketing. They don’t know who their target audience is. They think their digital skills alone are enough to convince clients to work with them. They believe these skills can easily be applied to any business in any sector. Moreover, they believe width is the key to growth i.e. if you appeal to anybody and everybody you have more chance of winning work and being successful.

STANDOUT agencies target somebody. They define their target market and dominate it. They’re in control of who they work with and why they work with them. They know that having deep knowledge and experience of a specific client domain gives them an edge. They gain more traction because they have a distinct advantage over STANDSTILL agencies when looking for new clients; they actually know who they’re looking for!

This principle is particularly applicable for sub £1M agencies. Once you have a foothold and are of a certain size you may decide to widen your target. N.B. You should never be for “everybody” though.