STANDOUT agencies have a defined business plan

STANDSTILL agency owners run a business
STANDOUT agency owners follow a business plan

Despite the name, it’s actually impossible for most STANDSTILL agency owners to be stuck. Most of these people don’t have a plan. They’re just running a business and taking each day as it comes. If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know if you’re delayed, slightly off track or completely lost?

You don’t need investment or much capital expenditure to start an agency. You usually don’t need to borrow any money. Nobody asks STANDSTILL agency owners for a business plan, so they don’t do one.

STANDOUT agency owners don’t just run a business, they follow a business plan. Nobody reads long documents these days, and long-term planning is something that is harder to do in our fast-moving society. Despite these cultural attitudes, STANDOUT agency owners realise that having a plan is still vital to running a successful business. In fact it’s just slightly ahead of reviewing their progress against their plan in impact and order of importance.

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