STANDOUT agencies have a lean agency sub stack (especially in early stages)

STANDSTILL agencies subscribe to ALL the latest software
STANDOUT agencies subscribe to the KISS principle

STANDSTILL agencies love technology (of course). They like nothing better than subscribing to the latest productivity and automation software. They’re always on the lookout for the latest platform or app. They change software as soon as something new comes along.

They have too much subscription spend. Most of these agencies could cut down on the tools they’re paying for.

STANDOUT agencies love technology, but they also love simplicity and profitability. They’re always looking to improve their workflow, not add to their tech stack. They don’t spend their lives and money signing up to the latest new tools and apps. They spend their lives optimising their processes and systemising their business.

These agencies Keep it Simple, stupid (KISS) and run a lean software stack (especially in the early days). They frequently review their subscription spend and think twice before getting the next tool.

What is your agency spending on monthly software subscriptions? The next time you’re thinking of hitting a subscribe button ask yourself if it will:

Replace existing tool(s)?
Reduce – not increase – complexity?
Be used (often)?

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