STANDOUT agencies have a PLAN

STANDSTILL agencies are in the 97%
STANDOUT agencies are in the 0.6%

STANDSTILL agencies are amongst the 97% of agencies that don’t have a written business plan. Some common reasons for this:

– They’re so stuck in the day-to-day they claim they don’t have the time.
– They don’t see the value in it. “The world is too fast. Nobody plans these days”.
– They have never run a business before. It either never crosses their minds or they don’t know where to start with business planning.
– They don’t know any other agencies that plan (they network with the rest of the 97%)
– They think business plans have to be long wordy documents.
– They don’t need funding or investment so nobody ever asks them for a plan.

STANDOUT agencies are not just in the 3% of agencies that have a written plan. They’re in the 0.6% of agencies that have a plan AND refer to it at least once a month.

Every successful business needs an annual business plan that outlines the targets for growth, along with measurable objectives designed to remove barriers and maximise opportunities. Agencies are no different.

Agencies who have and refer to a plan have reported increased net profits of over 20%.

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