STANDOUT agencies live their values

STANDSTILL agencies put their core values on a wall and try to remember them.
STANDOUT agencies put their core values at the heart of their business and try to live by them.

A positive and vibrant culture is vital to becoming and maintaining a successful agency. STANDSTILL agency owners usually understand this. They often also understand that culture is an expression of the agency’s values. So they define their values and place them on the office wall and maybe a page of their website. And there they sit, a memory-aid for every time somebody asks “What are our values?”

STANDOUT agency owners know that defining the values and making them visible will make no real difference to the agency culture. They understand that values need to be embedded and lived by the business. They must be ingrained in the employee journey, featuring in interviews, onboarding and appraisals. They should used as a benchmark to highlight both positive and negative behaviour.

To positively influence your culture, your values must become part of the way you do things, not just decoration for the walls and website.