STANDOUT agencies raise their prices

STANDSTILL agencies raise their hopes.
STANDOUT agencies raise their prices.

Pricing too low. One of the main identifying features of STANDSTILL agencies. They hope to attract more business by not charging as much as their competition. Some say they lack the confidence to charge more. In actual fact they lack the confidence to charge what they’re worth, because they don’t believe in themselves enough. Low prices are a comfort blanket for STANDSTILL firms.

STANDOUT agencies charge more than STANDSTILL firms. They also increase their prices more regularly. They have the confidence to do so but also the drive to get paid what they worth. They don’t underestimate or undervalue themselves.

Want to get a head start to become a STANDOUT agency? Increase your prices for existing and new clients (today).

There has NEVER been a better time to do this. Inflation in the UK is heading towards 10%. All prices are rising. Your business costs are rising (particularly wages, your biggest cost by far).

This is causing many problems, but you are not the Chancellor of the Exchequer or the Bank of England. It is not your job to control inflation. It is your job to grow your agency. Put YOUR prices up.

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