STANDOUT agencies retain and develop clients

STANDSTILL agencies WIN clients (& LOSE them)
STANDOUT agencies WIN clients (& RETAIN/DEVELOP them)

STANDSTILL agencies are on a constant rollercoaster of winning and losing clients. Just as a new client comes in the front door, it seems another is disappearing out of the back. Frustrating and stressful.

I see 3 reasons for this:

1. Some agencies – frankly – don’t have the right attitude. They have a churn and burn mentality (”We’ll just keeping getting more clients, some will stick eventually”)

2. Some don’t bring in the RIGHT clients for their agency (relationships that are never going to be profitable or manageable for them no matter what happens)

3. Some don’t onboard and deliver for their new clients (”They’re in, let’s go and get some more”).

STANDOUT agencies don’t just win clients, they develop and retain them. They place as much focus on cultivating existing relationships as they do on winning new business.

You only need a dozen clients to run a decent profitable agency. Don’t just focus on the new, focus on the now. Farming your existing client base is just as important as hunting for new opportunities.

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