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STANDSTILL agencies customise
STANDOUT agencies standardise

STANDSTILL agencies think and operate like artists. They start every relationship & every project from scratch. They customise what they do & how they do it, creating bespoke work in new ways every time. It keeps their work varied, interesting and creative. But it also makes it incredibly hard for them to make money.

Doing things differently each time has some benefits, but it can be very time consuming, inefficient and risky. Working in this way makes it hard to train people, and more difficult to predict outcomes and guarantee results. All things that can be damaging to your agency (and off-putting for clients).

STANDSTILL agencies think and operate like engineers. They standardise what they can, where they can. They know that the more they can standardise, the more efficient and profitable they can become.

They also know that standardising how you work doesn’t need to stifle creativity. In fact it can enhance it. If you standardise much of what you do, you create efficiency. Efficiency frees up time. With standard ways of working, you can get time back to focus on the parts of the work that require problem-solving, freethinking and creativity.

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