STANDOUT agencies say No!

STANDSTILL agencies say YES
STANDOUT agencies say NO

STANDSTILL agencies say yes to everything. If a client wants it, they try and provide it, regardless of whether they can do it well (or profitably). If a client is interested in them and invites them to pitch for their business they say yes before they’ve even seen the brief. These agencies say yes first and ask questions later.

STANDOUT agencies say no (more). They say no to – some – opportunities. If it’s outside their skillset or main area of expertise they think twice. They prioritise whether they can do it well for the client over the additional revenue the work might bring. They consider if they can do it profitably (not just if they can do it).

Great business decisions aren’t always about saying yes. Sometimes it’s better to say no. Don’t take on work you’re not experienced in. Don’t agree to deadlines you’re not going to meet. Don’t work with people you don’t like working with.

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