STANDOUT agencies take risks

STANDSTILL agencies play safe
STANDOUT agencies take risks

STANDSTILL agencies are not at a standstill by chance. They’re there for a reason. Often it’s because they’ve tasted too much success. I know that’s counter-intuitive, but sometimes you can be too successful for your own good.

Success can breed complacency. Some of the early drive and determination can dissipate. Whilst it might not be at a level they originally had in mind, agency owners can start to enjoy decent remuneration and the flexibility of being their own boss.

Life events like getting married or starting a family, can make the agency owner less focused on the business. They become reliant on the lifestyle the firm affords them, and more afraid of something going wrong. Now they have something to lose it can affect their ambition and decision-making. They play it safe and become more risk averse.

STANDOUT agencies are successful, but they’re never comfortable with their success. They’re always hungry for more and willing to embrace at the fact that taking risks is a fundamental part of growing a business.

The best agencies don’t suddenly adopt a frivolous or reckless approach. The best agency owners don’t gamble with their firm’s future. But they do recognise that they need to get out of their comfort zone if they want to continue to grow.

STANDOUT agency owners take calculated risks for the benefit of the agencies growth.

Are you or your agency in your comfort zone?
Are you too comfortable?
Should you be taking a few more risks in order to deliver even greater rewards?

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