STANDOUT agencies surround themselves

STANDSTILL agency owners protect themselves
STANDOUT agency owners surround themselves

STANDSTILL agency owners are insular by nature. They’re too protective of their work, their clients and their staff. They think people might steal from them.

This attitude is usually formed and driven by fear insecurity. It’s understandable, we operate in a very competitive industry.

I also understand it personally. I’m not afraid to say that I was extremely guilty of this myself when I ran my own agency. It held me back. It didn’t help my agency.

STANDOUT agency owners are open. They surround themselves with other agency people. They share, network and support their peers and competitors. They want to help and learn from others.

I could have learned a lot from these people. I’m certainly learning from them and helping them now.

I hope my lesson can be your lesson. Give your knowledge away, talk to other agency owners, share learnings and experience. You’ll not feel so alone, you’ll make friends for life, and I guarantee you will improve your agency.