STANDOUT agencies manage the managers

STANDSTILL agencies are management heavy
STANDOUT agencies are management lean

STANDSTILL agencies often find themselves with too much management overhead. The people they have managing the work (including part-time people/roles) can quickly grow out of control. This is particularly common when there are 3 or more agency founders who all want to step out of the day-to-day.

Having too many managers not only increases the overhead and reduces profitability, it makes things harder to get done.

STANDOUT agencies control the amount of managers they have in their business. They operate on a lean structure.

STANDOUT agencies know that agencies get paid for client delivery. That delivery may be production task orientated, high value strategic input, or somewhere in between. Regardless, delivery pays the bills not management.

Is you management overhead too large?

If your management to team ratio is > 1:4 then you might have a problem.

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