STANDOUT agencies are different

Want to know the secret of how to differentiate your agency?

STANDSTILL agencies are quirky
STANDOUT agencies are courageous

In such a highly competitive market, if you’re going to grow your agency, you need to differentiate it from the competition. You must be able to clearly explain and demonstrate what exactly makes you different from the rest.

STANDSTILL agencies think differentiating is about being quirky. Being seen to be a bit wacky and unorthodox. They’re missing the point.

Differentiating is not about ping-pong tables, it’s about positioning.

STANDOUT agencies use positioning to differentiate themselves. This is about having courage not being quirky. You must make big strategic decisions (and stick by them).

Positioning is being clear on WHAT you are the best at and WHO you do it for.

And, more importantly…

What you DON’T DO and who you DON’T do it for.

To differentiate your agency you must BE different (not just try and LOOK different). This starts with making courageous decisions and positioning your business in a different way to your competitors.

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