STANDOUT agencies are prolific not perfect

STANDSTILL agencies are perfect

STANDOUT agencies are prolific

STANDSTILL agencies are perfectionists. When it comes to marketing their own business, they want to get everything to feel, look and sound just right. They tweak, reflect, change and polish their proposition, brand, website and messaging before releasing it into the market.

These agencies want their marketing to be a single job, executed perfectly and completed.

STANDOUT agencies don’t strive for perfection. Instead they focus on being prolific. They get their message out there.

The best branding or marketing in the world is useless if it never reaches the intended market. Moreover, the best way to improve your work is to get feedback, not from your team, friends and relatives but from your intended customers.

Feedback from the market is the best way to improve the message. Don’t aim for perfection, it doesn’t exist.

Get your work out there and working for you. You can always improve it as you go.