STANDOUT agencies have a growth strategy

STANDSTILL agencies have a strategy (usually growth).

STANDOUT agencies have a growth strategy.

STANDSTILL agencies think they have a clear and simple strategy; they want to grow and sell the business. What they fail to realise though is that growth, in itself, is not a strategy, it’s an OBJECTIVE.

STANDOUT agencies want to grow, but unlike their STANDSTILL counterparts, they have a growth strategy.

STANDOUT agencies know the strategy part is HOW you’re going to grow. It’s not as simple as saying you’re going to get more clients, grow your turnover and exit. If it was, everybody would be doing it.

A growth strategy is about clearly articulating what you’re going to do differently to grow your business. Differently from what you’ve done before. Differently from other agencies.

How will you win more clients? What type of clients are you going to focus on? What services or products are you going to provide? How will you beat your competition? Indeed, do you even know who your competition are? What improvements are you going to make? What are you going to start doing? What are you going to stop doing? What are you going to continue doing?

Do you have a growth strategy or do you just have growth as an objective?