STANDOUT agencies ACHIEVE partner status.

STANDSTILL agencies tell new clients they want to be “partners”.

STANDOUT agencies know partnerships take time.

STANDSTILL agencies tell all their new prospect clients they want to be partners. They must think that clients are lonely. In actual fact the opposite is usually true. Most clients get numerous calls a day from agencies.

If you were looking for a partner, would you propose marriage on a first date? I thought not.

STANDOUT agencies know partnerships take time to develop. To be considered a partner by a client your agency must first develop trust. This means working together for an extended period.

Even after working together, you can’t be a partner unless you’re also an advisor. If the relationship you have is based on delivery and is purely transactional you will always be a supplier (not a partner). This isn’t a bad thing unless it’s a partnership you really crave. To be a partner you really need to add strategic value to your client.

The best partnerships share things. Can you really be a partner with your client if they are taking on all the risk? A true client/agency partnership really requires the agency to have some skin in the game. As an agency you can’t be a partner of you’re just being paid an hourly fee. You need to be accepting some of the risk along with your client and being remunerated on some form of payment by results.

If you want to be a partner to your clients, make sure you do such a good job that they propose a more advanced relationship.

Don’t go looking for love, let it find you ;-).