STANDOUT agencies are consistent

STANDSTILL agencies are capricious

STANDOUT agencies are consistent

STANDSTILL agencies are changeable. They constantly change direction. If something isn’t quite working, they change it. They tinker with their proposition, branding, ways of working, software stack etc.

The people in these agencies are forever trying to keep pace with what’s new, but they lack commitment. Why get used to something when you know another change of direction is just around the corner?

STANDOUT agencies are consistent. They know that consistency is a critical driver of success. They make decisions and stick to them. They focus on long-term sustained effort. They don’t change direction unless something is clearly not working.

The people in these agencies know what they are doing. They are more process driven, they are clearer about what they need to do and when. But most importantly they are happier and more committed to the business. Why? Trust.

Consistency builds trust. Trust in leadership, trust in what you are doing works, trust in processes and ways of working.

If you’re lacking commitment in your agency, you probably have a trust problem. You need a more consistent approach to build the trust back in.