STANDOUT agencies know which services are profitable (and which are not)

STANDSTILL agencies know they are profitable

STANDOUT agencies know which services are profitable

STANDSTILL agencies know if they are making money (or not), but they rarely know what’s happening underneath this. Of the things they sell, what is making money and what is not? Are some service lines more profitable than others? Are some losing money every month?

STANDOUT agencies not only know they are profitable, they know where the money comes from. Do they make most of their money from SEO and not as much from PPC? Are their website builds profitable but their app builds not?

Knowing this allows them to either fix problems in certain areas or adjust their prices in order to make a service profitable (or bring it in line with other parts of the offer).

If you run an agency delivering multiple services, do you know whether all of them are profitable?

What’s your most profitable service? Why is it the most profitable? What can you do to bring other areas up to the same level?