STANDOUT agencies optimise for growth

STANDSTILL agencies obsess about GROWTH

STANDOUT agencies obsess about EFFICIENCY

STANDSTILL agencies obsess about growth. More clients, more people, more systems, more services, more technology etc. But they miss the fact that growth is not always good. It brings complexity and complexity reduces speed and increases costs. Growing too fast is almost as dangerous as not growing at all.

STANDOUT agencies want to grow efficiently and to be in control of their business. They don’t just ADD (new clients etc), they also SUBTRACT (optimise). They prioritise efficiency over growth (knowing that growth will follow and be easier to manage).

Doing new things isn’t hard for agency owners. Stopping doing old things is the hard part. Don’t just obsess about growing your agency. Constantly look for ways to make things simpler & easier.

As you start doing new things, commit to leaving some things behind. Your people will thank you and your journey to becoming a STANDOUT agency will be far less stressful.