STANDOUT agencies have outward leaders

Today marks 2 whole months of me posting daily #StandoutSecrets.

To mark the occasion, I have a guest contributor. Here’s some words of wisdom from Spencer Gallagher taken from a meeting last week:

STANDSTILL agencies have INWARD leaders

STANDOUT agencies have OUTWARD leaders

STANDSTILL agencies can have great leaders, but they’re often inwardly focused. They can make great bosses and can be very motivating and inspiring to work for. But if you didn’t work for them, you wouldn’t know of them. Their profile in the industry is extremely low.

STANDOUT agency owners lead the team inside the agency, but they also lead the way in promoting the business externally. They are outward as well as inward leaders.

These leaders build their own personal brands. Some people are naturally good at this, others find it more difficult. All of them recognise the power of profile.

A leader with a strong personal brand makes people proud to work for them. They attract new talent and new clients through their profile and thought leadership.

It has never been easier to build your personal brand. There are more channels and approaches to doing this than ever before. You don’t even need to move from behind your desk if you don’t want to.

Growing your own profile, increases the profile of your agency. Don’t underestimate how powerful this can be, or let the opportunity pass you by.