STANDOUT agencies USE a CRM tool

STANDSTILL agencies own a CRM tool

STANDOUT agencies USE a CRM tool

Agency new business CRM tools are like garages. Many people have one, but they rarely use it for its intended purpose. It’s usually just filled with junk.

Most STANDSTILL agencies agencies have access to a CRM, often it’s a complicated and expensive SaaS subscription. Many claim to use it. Most are kidding themselves and wasting their money.

STANDOUT agencies use their CRM consistently to manage contact information, new business activity and communicate with prospects.

They access their CRM daily. Yes, you read that right…daily. It’s an integral part of their new business workflow and the daily operations of the business.

Ask yourself:

– Are you using a CRM for your new business activity? You might have access to one, but are you actually using it?

– Is it live and current with up-to-date data?

– Does it drive the new business process (not just provide an out of date record of it)?

If you answered “No” to any of the above, it’s time to rethink what you’re doing. Remember it’s not always wise to start with window shopping for the best cloud software. Cactus clients have access to our PipeTime spreadsheet tool which, when used correctly, is a powerful and effective solution that can work in conjunction with or even replace the need for a more advanced CRM.