STANDOUT agencies protect their reputation

STANDSTILL agencies prioritise REVENUE

STANDOUT agencies prioritise REPUTATION

STANDSTILL agencies often need more revenue, but they’re too quick to chase it and do things that might affect their reputation.

Working with the wrong clients, cutting corners in order to deliver on a budget, taking on things they’re simply not that good or experienced at can all bring the money in. But what does it do to your reputation? What impact does it have on your client satisfaction and retention?

Usually a negative one.

Referrals are always a key driver of agency new business. STANDOUT agencies know that their reputation drives referrals.

Revenue can be quickly and easily increased, but your reputation takes a long time to cultivate and can easily be shattered. It’s the only thing an agency can’t put a price on.

Make decisions with your reputation as your priority. Don’t jeopardise it for short-term revenue.