STANDOUT agencies have a great culture

STANDSTILL agencies have great perks

STANDOUT agencies have a great culture

STANDSTILL agencies know how important it is to provide their people with a great workplace experience and they know that company culture is a big factor in this. But they make a crucial mistake.

They think their culture is defined by how many perks they provide. They get sucked into an arms race of giving people more days off, gym memberships, freebies, socials and other benefits.

STANDOUT agencies know that perks are a factor in attracting and retaining staff in todays highly competitive employment market. But they also know that people don’t come to work to be given free entertainment. They also come to learn, grow and enjoy being part of an organisation that listens to them. A company they can help to shape the future of.

STANDOUT agencies nurture their culture, not their perks list. Culture is the character and personality of your agency. It’s what you believe, how you behave and the traditions and standards you uphold.

Culture starts and ends with your values. Can you remember your agency values? Do you even have them? Are you using them to shape and guide the organisation?