STANDOUT agencies pick up the phone.

STANDSTILL agencies drop an email

STANDOUT agencies pick up the phone

We all know how great modern comms channels like email, WhatsApp, Slack etc are. Those of us old enough to remember when they didn’t exist now wonder how we managed without them.

But STANDSTILL agencies rely too much on this tech. I often see that Email is not only the default means of communication, it’s often the only means of communicating.

When an invoice hasn’t been paid, a client isn’t happy, confusion exists, or a deadline may be missed, “dropping an email” is just not good enough.

In these circumstances, STANDOUT agencies pick up the phone!

Using the phone and speaking somebody speeds things up and avoids sending messages back and forth. But it also does something far more important. It allows you to make a better connection with somebody, and gives you the opportunity to understand the context behind the issue.

Why is the client unhappy? Just how upset are they? What other things are going on in the background and influencing the situation?

If in doubt, don’t stand still, pick up the phone!