STANDOUT agencies operate with integrity

STANDSTILL agencies ghost people

STANDOUT agencies act with integrity

If you’ve run an agency, you know the feeling of “never hearing back” from a new client prospect. You’ve spent hours on that proposal only for it to disappear into somebody’s Inbox. You’ve spent days preparing you’re pitch, to never even find out who won.

Being ghosted is a fact of life in agency land. We don’t like it, but we don’t have to copy it!

I see STANDSTILL agencies adopting similar behaviour with their contractors, partners, suppliers and even job applicants. Maybe it’s subconscious. Maybe it’s borne out of frustration about treatment they themselves have experienced in the past. Whatever the reason – please – don’t do it.

STANDOUT agencies act with integrity at all times. They treat people how they would like to be treated, not how some people treat them.

Sometimes things don’t work out. Sometimes plans change. Sometimes you have to let people down or decide not to work with somebody. Whatever the situation, STANDOUT agencies do the decent thing. When they don’t want to progress with something, they tell people quickly, honestly and in person where possible.

Don’t mess your suppliers, partners or contractors around. Don’t ghost them or leave them wondering what you’re thinking. Be straight with them. Tell them why you’re changed your mind or why you’re not going to work with them.

They might be disappointed in the short term but in the long term they’ll thank you for it.