STANDOUT agencies talk about other people’s work

STANDSTILL agencies talk about what interests them.

STANDOUT agencies talk about what interests their clients.

STANDSTILL agencies usually don’t have a narrow client focus. This has many disadvantages, but a fundamental drawback is that it leaves them talking about themselves.

If you don’t have a target customer, when you produce content to attract new business you can’t talk about what interests them (because you don’t know). You have to talk about your agency, your services and your particular expertise. This is not as interesting to your potential clients as what is happening in their world. You can’t engage them with insight into the problems they’re facing (and how you might solve them).

STANDOUT agencies have a clear target market that they can relate to and produce content for. They don’t have to produce post after post of generic content. They can be more specific and engaging. They can “speak” to their target market in their language.

Have a look at your agency content. Is it talking about things that interest or relate to your agency, or is it talking to your clients and prospects?