STANDOUT agencies remember clients are people too.

STANDSTILL agencies know their client’s business objectives.

STANDOUT agencies know their client’s personal objectives.

STANDSTILL agencies understand what their client wants from a business perspective. They know what their objectives are: a new website, better conversion rate, SERP rankings, more customers, more sales etc. But they sometimes forget that clients are people too.

STANDOUT agencies know the business objectives, but they also understand the people behind them. They make sure they know what motivates their key client contact. What drives the person they deal with everyday?

Your client’s personal objectives and their business objectives are not always exactly the same. They should be aligned of course, but sometimes people are driven by different things. The bigger the client organisation, the more evident and important this is to keep in mind.

Hopefully your client contact is focused on achieving the goals of their business. But they may also have other things they want from you. Some clients are very ambitious, they want a promotion or a better job. They want you to help them look good in front of their boss, or raise their profile in the industry. Some clients are more focused on their relationship with you. They want to enjoy the experience and have fun at work.

Other types of clients are busy and stressed and want you to take work off them to make their lives easier. Whilst, sadly, some clients crave control. They demand the highest of service levels and response times. These are the most demanding people to work with, but they can also be the most financially rewarding – if – they are prepared to pay for the service levels they seek.

Do you – truly – understand what motivates your clients?