STANDOUT agencies have a PLAN

STANDSTILL agency owners WANT to be successful.

STANDOUT agency owners PLAN to be successful.

STANDSTILL agency owners want their agency to be a success. But what does success really mean? How will they know when they’ve achieved it?

Whether they like to admit it or not, for most agency founders, success means growing the business to a point where they can sell it. Despite the popularity of this strategy, few people have a clear idea of what it actually looks like. Fewer still have a plan to make it happen.

STANDOUT agencies achieve their goals because they’re clear on what they want to achieve and they commit to a plan to make it happen.

Business planning is something that is often criticised and ridiculed these days. People will tell you that things move too fast to plan anything. I disagree.

To achieve success you have to plan for it. Start by defining what success means to you (& by when). Then work backwards plotting key milestones to form the basis of your plan.