How to maximise opportunities in Voice Tech

Katy Bass of Altavox joins agency growth coach Gareth Healey on the first episode of The Beyond Noise Podcast.

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Beyond Noise Podcast. What better way to start a podcast series than to talk about voice! So in this first episode, we are talking all things voice tech.

Join Gareth Healey as he chats to voice strategist and CEO of Altavox, Katy Bass.

There is a revolution going on in the voice tech space and it offers huge opportunities for consumers, technology companies, marketers and agencies alike.

With technology and its applications moving so fast, it can be hard for agencies to keep pace with the opportunities that voice technology presents. In this episode, Gareth and Katy discuss how agencies can help their clients have conversations with their customers through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IoT devices and more.

Agencies can help clients educate, inform, and entertain their customers through what many people – including Katy of course – believe is the next major marketing channel.

This podcast covers subjects such as voice strategy, conversation design and voice search (VEO).

Katy is a voice tech consultant and a digital strategist with a decade of experience helping businesses get ahead with emerging technologies.

She has worked with brands including Cancer Research UK, Expedia, the Co-Op, Topshop, and Chester Zoo. In 2019 she founded Altavox to help both brands and agencies navigate their way through the voice revolution. Katy is an international speaker on voice technology and runs the Voice Tech North meet-up group.

Altavox works directly with brands and/or as a consultant partner to marketing and digital agencies.