STANDOUT agencies want clients to find them.

STANDSTILL agencies want to be FREE.

STANDOUT agencies want to be FOUND.

STANDSTILL agencies hate the thought of focusing on a particularly type of client or client problem. They fear that by committing to only work with a certain type of client, they will miss out on opportunities with other businesses. They want the freedom to work with anybody in any sector.

These agencies are right about there being millions of businesses out there, but this FOMO obsession impedes their growth (particularly those at sub £1M revenue).

STANDOUT agencies target certain types of clients, particularly when they are in early stage growth. They fight the urge to want to leave their options open. They resist the FOMO mentality.

The fact is whilst there are millions of clients in the world, but there are also thousands of agencies. If you say you work with any clients in any sector, your chances of standing out are radically reduced. New clients may find you because they stumble upon some work you’ve done. Prospects may randomly see some of your advertising. Opportunities can always come through referrals. But this is playing a game of chance.

STANDOUT agencies rely on skill not luck. Targeting a certain type of client massively increases the chances of those clients finding you. When they do, your brand and messaging immediately resonates.