STANDOUT agencies walk the walk

STANDSTILL agencies talk the talk

STANDOUT agencies walk the walk

STANDSTILL agencies claim to solve problems for other people whilst suffering from the same issues themselves. They sell services to clients that they don’t effectively apply to their own business.

They’re the SEO agencies that don’t rank, web agencies with a poor website, social media agencies with low activity and few followers. They’re the “do as I say, not as I do” agencies.

STANDOUT agencies are their own case study. The set standards and live by their own example. They show their clients just what a difference their particular expertise can make.

You may provide some services to others that are not relevant to your own business of course. I’m not suggesting that all app dev agencies should have their own app. But if you’re not walking the walk when it comes to implementing the skills you need on your own business, you’re demonstrating either a lack of care or a lack of belief. Or hiding behind the “we’re too busy with client work” excuse.

Where do you need to apply your own skills to your own agency better? Make some changes next week.