STANDOUT agencies market themselves

STANDSTILL agencies advertise themselves

STANDOUT agencies market themselves

When it comes to generating new business opportunities, STANDSTILL agencies promote their availability to as wide an audience as they can. They advertise their services using a similar and repetitive message, essentially: “We do digital marketing. We’ve won awards for it. Let us do your digital marketing”.

STANDOUT agencies market themselves:

– They have a much clearer and more focused target audience.
– They focus on communicating their expertise not just their availability.
– They talk about their prospects and their problems (not about themselves).
– Their messaging communicates benefits not just features.
– They educate and inform before trying to sell.
– They invest in consistent marketing for the long-term.

Is your agency really only advertising its availability in a crowded market? Or are you effectively marketing yourselves as experts to a specific target market?

How does your new business perform against the 6 principles above? What others do you use?