STANDOUT agencies are people first.

STANDSTILL agencies think digital.

STANDOUT agencies think people.

We live in a digital world, but agencies operate in the service sector. The phrase “people buy people” has been around for decades, but even with all the technology we enjoy today, as a service business it remains critically important to remember.

Why then do so many STANDSTILL agencies build their websites without any reference to their team?

I’m always amazed when I see digital agency websites featuring large amounts of copy about how great they are to work with (and for), but without a single image of the people in the agency. Often they don’t even have a profile of the founders (or even their names!)

STANDOUT agencies are digital businesses with people at their core. Despite their digital expertise, they don’t forget the importance of making a human connection.

Their websites showcase their skills, experience, clients and the value they create, but they also feature their people. The founders have a particularly prominent role. They design their websites with the objective of not just conveying information, but making that personal connection only humans can.

Have a look at your agency website.

Ask yourself: Would you work with these people?

Can you even see your people on the site?