STANDOUT agencies lose pitches

STANDSTILL agencies come a close second.

STANDOUT agencies lose pitches.

STANDSTILL agencies lose pitches, but when they do, they frequently “come a close second”. They were the runner up. Apparently there was hardly anything in it.

They know this because the client tells them so. It makes the client feel better. It makes the agency feel better. Sadly, it makes no difference.

STANDOUT agencies lose out sometimes. We all do. Even the most successful agencies don’t win every client or pitch. There are so many variables in client agency relationships. It’s impossible to tick every box all the time.

STANDOUT agencies graciously take “no’ for an answer, but they don’t take “close second” for a reason. If they lose a pitch they don’t look for comfort, they look for learning. They know that when it comes to pitches there are only winners and losers.

Losing a pitch is not the end, it’s an opportunity. It’s a chance to get some feedback and learn what worked and what didn’t. This is a battle though. Clients don’t want to spend time with losing agencies. In some cases they don’t even tell them they’ve not been chosen(!)

If you don’t win a pitch, you have a short time window to at least get some feedback. Don’t let the phone call go to waste. Don’t let the “thanks but no thanks email” sit in your Inbox. Jump on the opportunity to get some real insight from the client as to why you didn’t succeed.

Clients don’t owe you a living. They probably don’t owe you any pitch fees, but they do owe you some honest and constructive feedback in return for all your hard work. Make sure you get it.