STANDOUT agencies go with their gut

STANDSTILL agencies follow the herd

STANDOUT agencies follow their instincts

STANDSTILL agencies follow what others say is right rather than doing what is right for them. With so much access to information these days, we’re far more aware of what other people are doing. It’s easier than ever to follow the trends, easier to blend in and harder to force yourself to make a stand.

STANDOUT agencies don’t follow the herd, they trust their instincts. They rely on their own beliefs and values to make decisions, not what other people are saying on social media.

A great example of this can be seen in the current evolution of working styles. All agencies need to adapt with the times. All businesses must observe the needs and lifestyles of their employees if they are to recruit and retain the best people. But whilst their are more options than ever, you must choose the one that is right for your business, not what appears to be the most popular.

A fully remote team is right for one agency, a team that is office based more suitable for another. Many will find a fit somewhere in between. Whatever you do, don’t follow the herd. This is not a popularity contest.

If you believe your culture and business will suffer by adopting what your competitors are doing, take a stand. Decide what works for you and even if it swims against the tide, stand by your beliefs to stand out in the market.