STANDOUT agencies think like sellers not buyers

STANDSTILL agencies think like a buyer.

STANDOUT agencies think like a seller.

Putting yourself in the mind of the customer (your buyer) is a core principle of marketing strategy. It’s also vital to providing consistently great customer service.

It’s a concept that can give STANDSTILL agencies a problem though; it destroys their confidence.

STANDSTILL agencies lack confidence. As a consequence, they can self-sabotage. They try and put themselves too much in their clients’ shoes and doubt themselves. Their subconscious gnaws away at them. They find themselves asking: “Would I work with us if I was XYZ client?”, “Are our fees too high?” or “I bet other agencies are cheaper than us”.

STANDOUT agencies think like a seller. They have confidence in what they are selling. They don’t try and second guess what the client is thinking. They’re proud of the work they do, confident it delivers results, and convinced it is worth the investment and trust a client places in them.

Thinking like a buyer is good when you’re marketing, but not so good when you’re pitching. Selling requires confidence. When you think too much like a buyer you adopt the buyers mindset and language. You refer to your fees as costs, for example. Your fees are your client’s costs not yours. Don’t present or think about them as such.

Do you project enough confidence when selling your agency’s services? Make sure you’re not trying to justify your work and your rates to yourself (even before you present them to your client).