STANDOUT agencies are thriving

STANDSTILL agencies are surviving.

STANDOUT agencies are thriving.

STANDSTILL agencies are not bad businesses. They’re certainly not run by bad people.

As the name suggests, these agencies have usually just plateaued and reached a point where growth has stalled. They may not be struggling, but they are just surviving; going through the motions and finding it difficult to get to the next level (or even back to a level they once enjoyed).

STANDOUT agencies on the other hand are not just surviving, they’re thriving. I’ll let you into a secret though: these agencies actually rarely have a secret(!)

They’ve not found one thing that has transformed their business. They don’t know a big growth hack that their STANDSTILL counterparts don’t. Neither do they work harder than their less successful peers. They’re usually no more passionate or committed.

The success of STANDOUT agencies is not down to one thing, but a combination of things. Sometimes these are a series of big changes, sometimes it’s a lot of tweaks and marginal gains.

In my book, STANDOUT OR DIE, and in these posts, I’m trying to inspire all agency owners with ideas about how you can change and grow your businesses. Occasionally these things will not be new to you, but I’ve learnt over the years that sometimes we don’t need educating, but we often need reminding.