STANDOUT agencies are super focused

STANDSTILL agencies are superficial.

STANDOUT agencies are super focused.

Positioning your agency to serve a specific type of client or niche can supercharge your growth (particularly in the sub £1M early years of your development). Defining a target market is a big decision, but if it’s to truly make a difference, it’s only the start.

STANDSTILL agencies that do commit to focus on a particular type of client do it on a superficial level. They don’t fully commit themselves or their business to it. They see it as purely a marketing message. They use their new positioning like window dressing.

STANDOUT agencies know positioning is not part of a marketing strategy, it is your business strategy.

Truly targeting a specific client type means immersing yourself in their world. You must understand what makes them tick, adopt the terminology they use, and appreciating the problems they face.

If your commitment to niching starts and ends with a few words on your website, you might as well not bother. Your positioning must become an intrinsic part of your business, not just superficial spin.