STANDOUT agency owners go on holiday

STANDSTILL agency owners go “away”.

STANDOUT agency owners go on holiday.

As the summer is coming to an end, I’ve been reminded of the importance of taking holidays this week. Truly taking holidays that is.

Two different agency owners have told me they have been out of the country recently. Both of them initially described it as their summer holiday, but then proceeded to tell me how they’d been in constant contact with their respective agency teams.

I admire their dedication. I also understand they’re running relatively small businesses that they’re dependent on. I do question though whether these agencies are really as dependent on them as they think they are (at least for 2 weeks a year).

People in the UK often say “I’m going away” when referring to a holiday. It’s a turn of phrase, but when you think about it, there’s a big difference between going away and going on holiday. The latter is the only way you can really relax and recharge.

STANDOUT agency owners go on holiday. They force themselves to switch off and power down. They trust their teams to manage without them (even if they’re a little surprised about how well they do so).

If you’ve only “been away” this year, and not truly taken a holiday, make it your goal next year to change that.

Next summer you’re going to step back from the business completely when you go on holiday. Even if your agency is quite small, you’ll trust your people to handle things whilst you’re on vacation and stop all communication with them. You’re going to tell your team to only phone you in an emergency.

I’ll bet you won’t need to pick up that call.