STANDOUT agencies define their culture.

STANDSTILL agencies talk about their culture.

STANDOUT agencies define their culture.

STANDSTILL agencies know how important a great culture is to an agency. They tell everybody about their culture, but they don’t truly understand what it means or looks like.

Culture isn’t about the number of perks you provide, or what great socials you enjoy. Neither is it just saying “we’re a great team” at every opportunity.

You should celebrate your culture, but in order to do so you must fully understand it.

STANDOUT agencies define their culture. They establish what behaviours they want to cultivate in the business and recognise people that live them.

If you’re asking yourself how many more employee benefits you can deploy to improve your culture, you’re asking the wrong question. What you should really be looking at is what behaviours do you want to form the foundations of your culture.

Do you want to run a business with a clear structure or ultimate flexibility? Do you want to be known for being great at reacting or be highly regarded for your proactive approach? Do you aim for quality or speed of work? Are you more interested in controlled authority or free spirited autonomy? What is your attitude to risk versus certainty?

None of these things are mutually exclusive, but its choosing to focus on some more than others that really defines your culture (not how many beers you have in your beer fridge).