STANDOUT agencies sell the job

STANDSTILL agencies sell the perks.

STANDOUT agencies sell the job.

We all know how difficult it has been to recruit people recently. STANDSTILL agencies struggle to attract talent of course. I do see a worrying trend where they’re not helping themselves though.

When I see agency job ads or related social posts these days, I often feel like the recruiting agency is trying to talk up the perks and benefits more than the role on offer.

They say don’t sell features, sell benefits. But the benefits of working for an agency – any agency – are not just the generous holidays, dogs in the office and the ubiquitous “great culture”. The real benefit for the employee is the job itself.

STANDOUT agencies have to offer more attractive working conditions focused on flexibility and employee well-being these days. This is a good thing. But when they’re looking to recruit, they also remember to sell the job, not just the perks.

– What are people going to actually be doing in the role?
– What responsibility will they have?
– Which clients can they get exposure to?
– What are the progression opportunities?

True job satisfaction comes from what you get from the role, not what you get from the company that employs you.

Are you recruiting at the moment? Are you doing enough to promote the opportunities in the role itself, or are you just talking about beer fridges and early finish Friday’s?