STANDOUT agencies are desperate for better marketing.

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STANDSTILL agencies are desperate for new business.
STANDOUT agencies are desperate for better marketing.

STANDSTILL agencies have an approach to their own marketing that relies on what’s always worked for them in the past. They activate it only when they aren’t busy, and stop when they are.

This leads to the feast or famine situation that many agencies find themselves in.

STANDOUT agencies have a holistic approach to marketing their own business. It encompasses a wider variety of activity that is ‘always on’. This ensures they have a constant stream of qualified pipeline opportunities.

At Cactus we call this the ‘cobblers shoes’ phenomenon, as many marketing agencies are really poor at marketing themselves. Often as they are busy responding to their clients priorities, so we counsel clients to make their own marketing more important, not less and to approach it strategically not tactically.

This needs to be driven by their business strategy and target market and built into their financial modelling and budgeting. It also needs to embrace new ideas rather than just what’s worked previously, or what they are comfortable with.

Our empirical research across 500 agencies of all shapes and sizes in the UK and Europe, not to mention 10 years of supporting agencies with their growth journeys, shows that agency leads come equally across 4 sources (we call this the Cactus Lead Generation System).

Our 42 point marketing plan ensures our clients new business activities are balanced across these 4 key sources.

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