STANDOUT agencies measure inputs as well as outputs.

STANDOUT agencies measure inputs as well as outputs.

Dashboards, targets, metrics…all agencies have them. Measuring the output of your activity is vital, but you ignore measuring the input at your peril.

STANDOUT agencies measure and monitor what work they are doing to achieve the goal (not just the goal itself).

If you want to lose weight, having a target to lose – say – 5kg by X date is important goal setting. The real power though is in the input metrics. What are you going to commit to do to achieve the goal? Not eating takeaway food, committing to going to the gym 3 times a week, cutting out your favourite sugary snack. Measure these things and you will reach your target weight loss.

The same applies to running an agency. If you need £X of new business revenue, set that as a target, but make sure you break it down into inputs as well as output…

How many new clients do you need for that figure? How many conversations do you need to have to win that number of clients? What activity do you need to do to initiate those conversations?

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