STANDOUT agencies are a business

STANDSTILL agencies are a busy-ness

STANDOUT agencies are a business

When I talk to agency owners, one of their biggest problems is always how busy they are. There’s never enough time in the day. They’re forever fighting fires.

Running any business is tough, particularly at the moment, but what strikes me most about these people is not how busy they are, but how so many of them are disillusioned with their agency performance.

– They claim they’re busy, but they’re not getting enough clients.
– They’re busy, but they’ve lost a few accounts recently.
– They’re busy, but they’re not profitable.

That’s why I call them STANDSTILL agencies. The owners of these agencies want to do everything. They don’t take time to step back and develop the way the agency works. They’re not running an agency, they’re running to their next meeting.

You have to create a business before you can create a STANDOUT agency.

A business is a system. There must be a process for everything. The people within the company must know what to do (and what to do when they don’t know what to do). A business can’t rely on its founder for everything. Business owners must navigate not drive.

Have a look at your diary. When have you next set aside time to work on business planning and improvement? If it’s longer than 2 weeks away and you have no vacation in between, you have a problem (and its not being too busy).

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