STANDOUT agencies target somebody.

I got an email yesterday from an agency I didn’t know (I’ll call them Agency X). Given that I work for Cactus, Europe’s leading agency growth consultancy, this isn’t unusual. This one really upset me though.

Agency X are London based and the message came direct from their CEO. We’ve never met or spoken before, he didn’t claim we had. Despite this the note was well worded and included links to their website and his own LinkedIn profile.

So what’s the problem then?

The point of the email was to ask me if I had any “technology projects” on the horizon. Just let me say that again “technology projects”. That’s a broad term.

Now we do have our own tech roadmap at Cactus, but we’re not in the market for building our own bespoke software at the moment. Even if we were, we know plenty of experts in our wonderful Agencynomics community that could help.

Agency X upset me because they were blindly firing bullets in the dark. They were desperate.

What upset me more was that their website revealed that they had delivered some really meaty digital transformation projects for global logistics and security companies, as well as a leading gaming brand. These guys are not small time. They may, however, be STANDSTILL.

So here it comes…

STANDSTILL agencies contact anybody.

STANDOUT agencies target somebody.

If anybody your agency is firing random emails into the ether, please stop them today. You’re better than that.

#StandoutOrDie #StandoutSecrets