STANDOUT agencies lead with a promise.

”We’re award-winning.”
”We’re a great team.”
”We’re different.”

Common phrases you’ll see on lots of agency websites. Sometimes they’re true, sometimes they’re not.

What they’re designed to do in every single case though is reduce risk. Finding a new agency is hard. Trusting somebody with your brand and budget is a big decision for clients. Developing trust is vital in any B2B sales cycle.

These common phrases are all trust factors. The say “we’ve done this well before and been recognised for it”, “we’re good people, not like those other agencies you’ve talked to in the past” and “we know everybody looks the same, but trust us we’ve got a secret sauce here”.

Here’s the thing though…

STANDSTILL agencies lead with trust factors.

STANDOUT agencies lead with a promise.

Even the very best agencies use trust factors. Awards are good signals (particularly if they’re recent and high profile). Great case studies are powerful vehicles for building trust.

However, STANDOUT agencies use these trust factors in the way they are intended, as supporting material. STANDOUT agencies lead with something far more powerful; a promise.

A promise is a combination of 2 things: A commitment and a timescale.

Here’s one to chew over:

”We build blazingly fast websites in just 30 days”.

You have awards and great people in your agency. What is your promise to your clients and prospective clients?

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