STANDOUT agencies want fast growth.

My clients are unhappy when they start working with me.

They’re unhappy because they have a problem. These problems all link back to main one issue; they think their agency is not growing fast enough.

Now that’s not to say these agencies aren’t growing. I’ve come to realise that growth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. One person’s growth ambitions might be wildly different than the next. I understand that. I can work with it. What I don’t like though is when people want growth hacks.

STANDOUT agencies want a fast fix.

STANDOUT agencies want fast growth.

There are usually a few barriers you can quickly remove in order to unlock more growth in a business. But there is never a magic bullet that instantly accelerates growth for a STANDSTILL agency. Achieving faster growth usually means as much tweaking and optimising as it does implementing radical change.

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