STANDOUT agencies do the reps.

STANDSTILL agencies know the exercises.

STANDOUT agencies do the reps.

I’ve often thought that elements of my role as an agency growth consultant, can be likened to that of a Personal Trainer in a gym.

Like PT’s, I advise my clients on the best ways of doing things, warn them of mistakes they might have been making, and work with them to put together a plan that is right for their individual circumstances. A plan that will get them where they want to be. Those plans are usually focused on growth, but sometimes they’re about becoming leaner, more efficient and more profitable.

Most of my work is designed to deliver a transformation. To move from one place to another, but just like a PT, my role is also to help them with their motivation. As with many things in life, knowing what to do is one thing, actually doing it is another thing entirely.

I speak to many struggling agencies that know what they need to do. But just like in a gym, the gains come not from knowing what exercises to do, but from consistently doing the reps.

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