STANDOUT agencies are oversubscribed.

STANDSTILL agencies are under pressure.

STANDOUT agencies are oversubscribed.

Running an agency is hard and stressful. The constant plate spinning, pressure from clients, when and how to recruit etc. It’s no wonder that I’m regularly asked what’s the one thing I recommend to make the job easier.

Whilst there’s no silver bullet, there is one thing that I see as a turning point for under pressure agency owners. It’s nothing short of transformational: The day their agency becomes oversubscribed.

OK I know it’s obvious. I realise it’s difficult to achieve. But believe me, when an agency has more clients wanting to work with them than they can really handle, the difference that makes transcends the revenue numbers on their spreadsheets.

When you have people queueing up to work with you…

– You know your marketing is working (and not every agency can say that!)
– You can pick and choose who you work with (you can work with better fit clients)
– You can make more money (by charging higher prices).
– You gain more confidence (not to be underestimated this one, the confidence derived from being able to pick and choose work is life-changing)
– You can sleep a little easier (never to be underestimated!)

The first step to becoming oversubscribed is to decide to become oversubscribed. Shift your mindset from “we’re going to win a couple of new clients this year” to “we want people to be desperate to work with us”.

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