STANDOUT agencies say goodbye to detractors

To scale a business you need to simplify it. You must deploy repeatable processes. You need to systemise as much as you can so that you can serve more customers without adding more cost.

This principle applies to agencies, but you’re working with volatile variables; people and creative/conceptual work.

One man who has scaled several agencies is Darren Low. In response to one of my earlier posts, Darren raised a really great point…

What often stops agency owners from systemising or codifying is resistance from their people.

STANDSTILL agencies without systems are often staffed by those who don’t like a repeatable, scalable, operating system. They don’t want to work that way so they reject it.

STANDOUT agencies acknowledge that sometimes you outgrow even great people. To systemise and scale the agency you need to say goodbye to detractors and not let them stall progress and growth.

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